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I'm Gary Scott and I'd like to be your Realtor!  


How does using me, benefit you?

I'm a problem solver.  Real Estate can sometimes be complicated. I can explain it in easy to understand terms.


As a Second Generation Realtor and Appraiser.  I have extensive experience. I've been called extremely knowledgeable, creative and a problem solver.  


As an Appraiser, I've done FHA, VA, Conventional and Relocation Appraisals, I know their rules, regulations and Requirements. If you are listing or buying a property I can alert you to property conditions and possibly help avoid costly Lender Requirements. 


I'm a former Real Estate Loan Officer, and can assist you in solving financing problems.

I studied Engineering at Oklahoma State, and worked on a Survey Crew for the State of Oklahoma. 


My Experience, Education and Insight into a broad range of real estate activities goes far beyond that of many agents and can be a significant benefit to you in many areas.  



Call today and let me put my experience to work for you!              


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Bartlesville, Oklahoma









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Gary Scott holds a Real Estate Broker's License in Oklahoma,
was licensed as a Certified General Appraiser in 1992 and is a
second generation Real Estate Appraiser and Real Estate Broker
(be sure to tell us if you Require a Licensed or Certified Appraiser
or any particular form or format.)