Five Stars

I called Gary to see if he could be of any help with appraising my property. Although his price was about the same as all the other appraisers I called, I decided to go with Gary because his turn-around was sooner than the others.

The day we scheduled the appraisal, Gary showed up on time and got right to work. I noticed that Gary was not in a hurry to get in and get out and on with his day. He methodically checked every aspect of every room and did a full exterior inspection.

Gary concluded his initial visit to my property and told me he would send me the appraisal as soon as he put everything together and wrote his report. A day or two later, Gary called me and asked if he could go back to the property and inspect a bit further in a couple areas. I obliged and really appreciated the fact that it meant enough to him to come back on his time to make sure the accuracy of his report was not compromised, regardless of the time it takes to gather extra information.

When I received the appraisal, I was impressed at how detailed it was. It included everything from a full report about the condition of the property, pictures, comps and other notes. Gary went as far as to detail, in his opinion, what updates were needed in order to maximize selling price. All in all, hiring Gary Scott was no doubt a great decision. My personal take on Gary is that he's a really good guy that truly enjoys helping his clients and building long term relationships with them. Also, Gary is very ethically conscious, knowing that his clients privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance.

In the north-eastern region of Oklahoma, the only guy to call for an appraisal is Gary Scott! I can only assume that he devotes an equal amount of effort towards the other real estate services he provides.   Thanks, Gary.

- Ethan






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