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I'm Gary Scott, how can I help you?

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My extensive background in all aspects of Real Estate will be beneficial to you in a wide variety of areas. As an Appraiser I've done Conventional, FHA, VA and Relocation Appraisals, and know their Requirements.  I'm a Real Estate Broker, former Loan Officer, studied Engineering at OSU, and worked as a Surveyor. I understand the ins and outs of more aspects of real estate, in greater depth, than most real estate agents, and I'm creative. 

As former Loan Officer, I understand the requirements for loan applications and processing, as well as underwriting.  If problems develop, my background gives me understanding and insight to help work through most problems.  

I'm a Second Generation Realtor and Appraiser.  I've literally grown up around the business and I've been doing it since 1977, that's 43+ years.  I received my Oklahoma Real Estate Broker's License in 1980 after only a year in the business. 

I'm an Appraiser, and as an FHA and VA Appraiser Panel member I've done many FHA and VA appraisals, as well as Conventional Appraisals and was licensed as a Certified General Appraiser (highest designation) in 1992.  I'm familiar with the requirements, Minimum Property Standards, and can help point out a number of small items, that if addressed in advance, can save you thousands of dollars in appraiser required repairs.

I studied Engineering at Oklahoma State University and understand and can explain technical terms in plain English so a Structural Engineer's Report can seem less daunting.  I can also advise you if you're in a situation where you don't know if you should spend the money for a Structural Engineer's Report or not.

We developed the Hillcrest Heights Subdivision, (Polaris Drive, Skyline Drive, Venus Court, etc.) which have absolutely no tract homes, every house was architect designed and feature some of the largest lots in Bartlesville.  We installed the roads, utilities, ran a water line from Highway 75 across a mile of almost solid limestone rock across Silverlake Road to complete the City Water Grid to provide water to the Hillcrest Heights addition,  and we created, owned and operated our own Sewer Plant until the City annexed the subdivision.  

I worked on the Survey Crew for the State of Oklahoma, ran the transit and level and shot the final grade (last work prior to paving) of some areas of US Highway 75 and on Adams Blvd. 


Between management, appraisal, engineering, real estate lending and 43+ years in the real estate business, my experience can be invaluable to you in your real estate transactions, whether it's listing a property for sale, helping you find the home of your dreams or helping negotiate the sale, you'll benefit from my experience and breadth of knowledge in a multitude of areas.  Please take a look at my Testimonials to see how this wide range of experience have helped others get into or sell their homes.

Call today, I look forward to working with you!


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 Bartlesville, Oklahoma



 Gary Scott holds an Oklahoma Real Estate Broker's License




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